Registering a “New to You” Canadian Aircraft

by Glenn Graham

After the process of purchasing a Canadian Registered helicopter or fixed wing aircraft is completed, the next step is to transfer the ownership and re-register the aircraft with Transport Canada. This process is quite simple; however; NOT ensuring the proper documents are handed over at closing, could create chaos!

As part of the sales package you should receive a signed Bill of Sale, the Original Certificate of Registration (in the previous owner’s name) and a copy of the Interim Certificate of Registration. In most cases the Interim C of R is more important than the Original C of R; but I will get to that later.

You will need to fill out the application form found on the back of the original C or R ensuring that you are identified as the current owner; complete with address and contact information. Copy your Bill of Sale and include it with the completed original C of R. You will then have to pay a $110.00 registration fee to the Receiver General of Canada and include a copy of the payment receipt. You can pay the fee online at  or you can call Transport Canada Finance at 1-800-305-2059. I prefer using the online system because you will have your receipt of payment when completed.

Scan your completed original C of R, the Bill of Sale and the payment receipt. This copy will be emailed to if you reside in Ontario. (For other parts of Canada, you can find your regional Transport Canada office online at After you have emailed the scanned copies you will have to mail the originals. In most cases Transport Canada will not issue the new C of R until the originals are received; but I have been told by a Transport Official that they will action emails faster than regular mail. By emailing copies, you may find the new C of R issued the day the originals are received or shortly thereafter. No guarantees; but I have found that this does speed up the process.

Your new C of R and Interim C of R will be issued by way of email and not regular mail; as it was done in the past.

How do I fly my aircraft while waiting for the new C of R?
As I mentioned earlier ensure that as part of the sales package the seller gives you a copy of the Interim C of R. The Interim C of R, once completed in your name, allows you to fly your new aircraft for 90 Days while you wait for the new C of R to be processed. If the seller does not have the Interim C of R, you will have to wait until the new C of R is issued and this will delay ferry flights, repositioning the aircraft to your home location or you having the opportunity to use your new aircraft. So I cannot stress enough how important that Interim C of R is. In fact, as part of the pre-purchase, make sure you physically see an Interim C of R!

Can I register my new aircraft in a company or should I re-register it in my name?
Yes you can register your aircraft in a company! In fact most company owners who purchase aircraft will register the aircraft in their company name or create a holding company for the aircraft. In some cases private pilots will do the same. However; if you purchase an aircraft to complete your private license, the aircraft must be registered in your name (See CAR 406.03). This allows the Freelance Instructor to exercise his privileges and you obtain your license.

The process of Re-registering an aircraft after purchase is quite simple, but a lost or misplaced document could make the experience a trying one for all those involved. The process starts with a good pre-purchase ensuring all documents are accounted for and ends when you receive the new Certificate of Registration.

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