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We often get telephone calls from both aircraft sellers and buyers; young and old; helicopter and fixed wing; piston and turbine; single engine and multiengine; with a multitude of questions about selling their aircraft or purchasing one for the first, second or even a third time.

Whether you are selling or buying; this can be a daunting task for the experienced and even more so for the inexperienced and will leave you overwhelmed and wondering “what have I got myself into?”

That is why over the next few weeks and months we are going to be discussing many topics that have been generated by client questions.

Some of the topics that you will find on our blog will cover Selling and Buying Aircraft both in Canada, the US and abroad; Aircraft Evaluations, Aircraft Financing and Insurance; Escrow Agencies; Registering your aircraft with Transport Canada; Pre-purchase Inspections and Documents required for the Sale or Purchase; only to name a few.

We know everyone is busy so we will try and keep the content to the point as best we can. So feel free to check back periodically for new content and if you are in the market to Sell or Buy an aircraft, contact us through our website or telephone me directly at 1-(705) 923-1552.

Thank you for taking the time &

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Selling Your Aircraft

Selling Your Aircraft

by Glenn Graham Time and time again at Graham Aviation Sales I am asked “How do I go...